Quiet Time


Thinking becomes easy

Time seems to slow down

Blood seems to flow

Evenly from head to toe

This is my quiet time


Shut out to everything else

One focus

One mind

One breath

This is my quiet time


No sounds

No distractions

No feelings of obligations

No limits

This is my quiet time


No internet

No music

No kids

No grown-ups acting as kids

This is my quiet time


During this time

There is nothing to fear

All his thoughts I endeavor to hear

As he talks

Purification comes over my soul

It’s only Him and I

And this is His time

This is my quiet time



You weren’t my first love

I never even looked your way

In school from you

I always strayed

You appealed to me

But I just figured

With you

I’d never be


I felt you were far beyond me

You and me

Man I just couldn’t see

But now you and me

Apart I just can’t see

Your blood now runs through mine

Dipped in wine

Our relationship gets finer with time

Whether I found you

Or you found me

It’s irrelevant really

Because now in this world

There’s not just you

Not just me

It’s simply we

You have become a part of my lifeline

Without you

A part of me would just die

The gift of poetry


It’s my lifestyle


Tears of Prayer


I shed a tear last night

Not because I wanted to, but rather I had to

I shed a tear last night

Knowing this love I have for you

I shed a tear last night

For the pain that runs within you

I shed a tear last night

Because of all that you are going through

I shed a tear last night

Blessed in my life to have had you

I shed a tear last night

Feeling lost for words and none to find

I shed a tear last night

Not knowing if your love again I would ever find

I shed a tear last night

Because it pains me to let you go

I shed a tear last night

Knowing by morning you would be gone

I shed a tear last night

As my sign became light


Turn the Page


Destiny had no place

Everywhere I moved seemed to be erased

To say the wrong thing

It was just a matter of time

No disrespect intended

Just wasn’t feeling the ground

Moving around

Seemingly in circles

Sometimes at a standstill

Never once did I feel

Those things you said you felt

Often asked why

But left with tears that filled my eyes

Within those tears I wanted to drown


Big nose, big feet

Mixed colors as I walked through the streets

Yeah, that’s how I felt

Out of place

And if you seen me

I’m sure you would have laughed


That’s because the outside you would’ve seen

Missing the pain that seemingly blocked my dreams

Felt as if defeat was my life style

No matter where I turned I would never make it out

Was I blind

Was I losing my mind

I couldn’t understand it

Or maybe I just didn’t try hard enough

What I didn’t see

What I couldn’t see



As if I was buried twenty feet deep

But then

Reality set in with three simple words

Turn. The. Page.

See hardships we never plan

They even make us feel less than a man

A woman

But one thing we have to know

In this life the key is in our hands

The saddest thing is

We remain locked up

Constantly looking at the key

For fear of change

So desperate to remain the same

Not realizing that the same = no gain

No new ground

No new air

That’s why we say life’s isn’t fair

The truth is moving forward, is becoming rare

So the question is

What in your life is your page

And are you willing to be strong

Are you willing

To turn the page!!!!!


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